Monday, 31 March 2008

A thought...

Me… hmm ya I am living in my little world... they come in to my world... they get close for a flash… no sooner they travel light years away and become those twinkling stars!

Certainly they are there twinkling brighter & at times clouded.. yet I know they are there for sure .. And whenever I think of them.. & miss them.. I do smile though my smile isn’t bright enough for them to comprehend, recall & recognize …….. !

I am fine here .. in my deserted lil world .. with my rose simply enjoying the blinking patterns of those remote stars.

And yeah I am fine with the quite number of stars which are already in my sight… I better not let anymore people into my world….

Yeah I am fine

~ ShifoOo

Saturday, 29 March 2008

~ ~ Smile Anyways .... :) ~ ~

Smile when you're sad
Smile when you're mad
Smile for a reason
Smile with the season!

Smile when you greet
Smile when you leave
Smile coz you're happy
& Smile in your grief!!

Smile is the doorway
Smile is the path
To open up to friends
& reach to their heart!

The warmest feeling ever
Is to see a smiling face
Keep smiling geezers
It's a saving grace!!

© All rights reserved by Pothi!i!i! Jaan ........ & ........ Inspired by none other than... Nani!i!i Jaan ...