Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Miss You..........

When I sit back.. with my hands on my cheeks... when there are only twinkling stars & moon are around me....

My Dear Grandma...
when everyone got a cup of tea.... where I got a Mug of !
- when everyone got frowns for being naughty or making noise around.. where I got a little corner smile!
- when she listens my story of the day with a curious face!
- when everyone didn't have a banana to have after lunch.. where I got mine.. which was hidden on her book rack!
- when she loves to share her thoughts and her experiences of her life.... where I was listening as if I had came across all those!
- when she didn't come out of the prayers room... when she knew that she got to say goodbye on my day of departure.. where I saw her face.. which got stamped on my heart!
- when I heard from her.. while waiting for the boarding pass... "Don't Forget me dear!!"

Missing you a lot......

Poo uncle... (that's how I call him "Uncle Flower")
- when he took to most of the places where he went... on his scooty where I stood front!
- when he enjoyed his solitude just by letting me to play on.. the beach sand!
- when I had a surprise in his office bag... everyday after work!
- when he got his own property.. which he got registered on my name!
- when everyone talked .. where he stood silent!
- when anyone dared to talk to him... when I talked to him!
- when he gave me wise advises... & courage for my future.. while driving me to school!
- when he patted me just with a smile.. which said everything of my departure!
- when he became.. my Hero of Courage & Tolerance.. while I was small!

Missing you a lot.....

Cute chmall cousins....
when they call my name... with their charming voices.. which made my name sound sweeter!
- when they all wanted me... to play with them for the whole day!
- when they loved to listen rhymes.. which were sung by me!
- when they look so cute.. even while they were mocking.. lol!
- when it is amazing to know that still they... remember my name!
- when they didn't have an Idea how far... I would live away from them!

Missing you a lot.......

My youngest Uncle....
- when he had to call me with loads of nick names... to make me done with something which he wished! :p
- when we found some big amount of money ;)... at the House of Fashions floor... where we came back home with loads of shopping bags! :D
- when he bought ice creams & chocolates most of the days... when he drove me back from school!
- when I flew on his big bike... for every Saturday classes!
- when he always loved to tease me... & then to be sorry for my silly tears!

Missing you a lot.........

Everyone got together.....
- when we used to play Carom.. cricket... specially when I play badminton with my energetic youngest grandfather!
- when the Anthakshari games were.. always took place whole night!
- when we watched cricket... & when our home sounded louder than a cricket stadium!
- when I used to take my seat as well.. while my uncles having political chats & arguments!
- when my aunts always liked to bug me.. & pull my legs!
- when we were on family trips... which took place every year .. & the unforgettable funs which we had!
- when I came to know that.. all of you.. didn't dare to step into my room cause you would feel my absence so badly!

Missing you a lot.....

What a wonderful pain.... Now you too would like me... missing you!

WILL MISS YOU TOO.... Always with a Smile :)


ally said...

awesome sentiments and a great vocab...keep writing chum...


Kavin said...

so touching Shif... :o... I hope you will get back what you had... :) btw welcome to blogging...

$L!m sHÂdY nÂĐz said...

Fabulous....fill'd wid "IMMENSE AFFECTION"....vry touchY! :)

itz PURRRFECT dear!! >:D<

ShE WhO MUst NoT BE NAmeD...lol!! said...

Its simply beautiful....the way u express such deep emotion with such simplicity.....i cannot find the right words to describe what it feels like reading those ...what shall i call them "Echoing beats of ur heart"....(poem seems too lame a word).....anywez may u soon be reunited with ur lovin family...God bless u all!!!